What We Do


Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

We are a specialty recruiting service that assists metals companies in locating, qualifying and placing sales personnel. Our digital recruiting database includes over 7600 metals sales representatives and sales managers from every geographic area of the United States.

This database is the starting point and reference resource for all searches we conduct. Additionally, we use every possible source to find the “right” candidate, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Recruiting sales people for the metals industries since 1983

We have been recruiting sales people for the metals industries since 1983. Prior to recruiting, we worked within the industry as a Sales Person, Inside Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Branch Manager, and General Manager.
The companies we worked for included Castle Metals, Allegheny Ludlum Steel, Reynolds Aluminum Supply and smaller regional metal service centers and mills. This experience made us familiar with the type of sales person that is successful and productive. Each candidate and sales position is unique and requires the “right” person that can get the job done well.

Sales Recruiting for the Metals Industry

Our recruiting services are available to any company that produces or sells metals, regardless of alloy or dimension. The type of client companies that we work with include but are not restricted to: Metal Service Centers, Steel Mills, Aluminum Mills, Forging and Casting Companies and Foundries.
Most of our recruiting efforts are directed toward any level of Inside or Outside Sales Personnel. We also will search for the following positions: Metallurgists, Quality Control Personnel, Operation Managers and Supervisors.

Focusing candidates’ abilities to solve our client’s requirements.

Our candidates are screened prior to presentation to our clients. We review metals backgrounds, their abilities to meet position requirements and how each candidate meets the culture and direction of the group dynamics. Finally, we focus on our candidates’ abilities to solve our client’s concerns and requirements.
Evans & Company is not solely focused on working with the client company! We work with companies, but our candidates get the same fair, equal and confidential treatment as the company gets. We know that placing good people insures great placements with our client customers.